Kelly Saunders

Her story:

Kelly comes from the beautiful coast as she was born in Durban and surfed her way up to Joburg, She describes herself as an official Joburger as she’s been staying in Gauteng for 15 years now.

The way to Kelly’s heart and smile is through food as that’s how she expresses herself and indulges in being a foodie!

Kelz is a mental health activist and has an extreme passion for ending the stigma around the continuous shedding of light and boosting others, she’s also a junior mistress of ceremonies.

Her radio career began December 2019 and she has blossomed since then and is honored to be in something so creative, entertaining and she further stated that educating is her ultimate passion, being able to paint a picture in the minds of millions is absolutely inspirational.

Kelly enjoys being out and about, nature hikes are her favorite, she enjoys listening to music and singing along to well-known tunes, she enjoys the feeling that it gives people as music is a universal language.

“I really enjoy making meaning out of almost anything and my aim of the game is to uplift and help people one smile at a time, my class clown attitude makes me super susceptible to using humor
in any and all situations I love being punny and having a good laugh!”

Her shows:

You can catch Kelly weekdays on The Weekly View with Kelz and Sizwe from 12pm to 3pm and again Saturdays on The Rock Show with Kelly from 6pm to 9pm.

Languages spoken:

Afrikaans and English

What inspires Kelly:

“What truly inspires me is the ability as
a human being to make a difference with your words and your smile the fact that
we have the power to make our own days better and someone else’s is incredibly
inspiring. Giving a voice to the underdogs, the over thinkers, the ones who
feel they don’t fit it, the fact that a simple shift of perspective could
change someone’s entire life.
I enjoy using humor as a gateway for
delivering important messages as it creates better understanding and as always
creates a smile! You have the ability as a human being to
change the world through who you choose to be and Radio has allowed me to
slowly but surely act on this and it’s so inspirational! When the going gets tough the tough get going!