Manie Serqueira

His Story:

Manie Sequeira attended Werde and Selection Park Primary School. He then attended the Springs Technical high school up until December of 1981.

Manie then joined the South African Defence Force (SADF), where he did his service from July 1983 till July of 1985.

In the August of 1985 Manie got married and had three children. He then became a qualified fitter and turner in 1986.

When Manie Sequeira heard God speaking to him, concerning the ministry in April 1996 he decided to resign from his work in December.

He then started Bible school at the Apostolic Faith Mission College in January of 1997.

During this year of his life he encountered many challenges which pushed him to complete Bible school at Rhema Bible school in Randburg from 1998 to 1999.

In January 2000 he started his own ministry and since then he has become an Ordinated Pastor of the Pentecostal Protestant Church.

He also became the founder of Anistémi Ministries. Other achievements include him joining the fire departments Chaplaincy, New Life Behaviour Prison ministry, becoming a counsellor for Trauma Nexus and also becoming a designated Marriage Officer.


You can listen to Manie every Sunday evening from 5pm to 7pm on the  “T – Junction” show.

Languages spoken:

Afrikaans and English

What inspires Manie:

“When people are really serious about following Jesus and they want to know more about the word of God. I grab the opportunity to teach them the word of God, and can easily sit for hours breaking up the word of God in small but powerful pieces.”