Michael Peens

His Story:
Michael is a part-time radio presenter who loves engaging with the community through the airwaves. Radio presenting is a passion that allows him to focus on something other than his day-to-day life.

Michael got his start in radio at Ekurhuleni FM back in 2019, where he hosted five different shows. He has a love for playing old-school music and Afrikaans tunes on his shows, which creates a fun and lively atmosphere.

As an interviewer, he enjoys engaging with guests and making the show more interactive. Over the years, he has conducted countless interviews, and each one has not only added to his experience as a presenter but also given him the opportunity to meet with the lovely people of Ekurhuleni.

His Shows:
Tune in to Sports Corner and Skole Nuus to hear Michael bring their love for music and community engagement to the airwaves.

Languages spoken:
English and Afrikaans.

What Inspires Michael:
He is inspired by the hope he finds within the Holy Bible, for Michael the Word of God is the only thing that keeps a smile on his face.