Samantha van der

Her story:

Samantha has worked in campus and community radio as a journalist and executive producer since year 2015, she loves spending time behind-the-scenes. Sam left a full-time radio job in 2018 to “get
a real job”, she now works in operations for a creative agency and is a
freelance photographer. Sam is originally from the south of Johannesburg but now lives in the East.


Sam works behind the scenes but also talks here and there Saturdays on the Saturday Shake-up with Sol from 9am to 12pm. 

Languages spoken:


What inspires Samantha:

“I am inspired by other people who keep going and remain optimistic despite their challenges. Listening to or reading about the goodness in the world gives me hope and inspires me to keep going. I also find inspiration in a leisurely walk or quiet sit in nature, which give me a chance to process and refresh.”